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Around the World

Featuring key opinion leaders from different parts of the world. 


Around the World in Technology Transfer

  • Fiona Nicolson, Keystone Law
  • Reynaldo Garcia, University of the Philipines Diliman
  • Maite Ibern, Autonomous University of Barcelona
  • Anji Miller, LifeArc
  • Matthieu Vis, Invest in Provence
  • Chris Loryman, University of California San Diego

Around the World in Virtual Clinical Trials

  • Dianne Lee, DLRC
  • Chris Learn, IQVIA
  • Yvonne Lungershausen, Avance Clinical
  • Sandrein Louwaars, Avance Clinical
  • Sandra Hack, Government of South Australia
  • Kathleen Henry, Wake County Economic Development


Around the World in Cell & Gene Therapy

  • Adrian Toutoungi, Taylor Wessing
  • Sharon Brownlow, Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult
  •  Thomas Tradler, Fraunhofer IZI
  • Arnaud Deladeriere, C3i


Around the World in Developing the Best Labour Pool

  • Anne Bailey, Form the Future
  • Debbie Laubach, MediWales
  • Ashley Cagle, Wake County NC
  • Jacqueline Hall, AstraZeneca


Around the World in Neurodegeneration Drug Discovery

  • Alan Palmer, Elixa MediScience
  • Richard Pither, Cytox
  • Jens Christian Schwamborn, OrganoTherapeutics
  • Rita Balice-Gordon, Muna Therapeutics
  • Dirk Beher, Asceneuron


Around the World in Plants as Bio-Manufactories

  • Simon Saxby, Leaf Expression Systems
  • Nathalie Charland, Medicago


Around the World in Venture Capital

  • Supriya Mathur, Optimum Strategic Communications
  • Anta Gkelou, Sofinnova Partners
  • João Ribas, Novo Holdings
  • John Cassidy, Arix Bioscience
  • Karin Kleinhans, LSP
  • Simone Botti, INKEF Capital

Around the World in Medical Technology Regulation

  • Greer Deal, GRS
  • Paul Larocque, ACERNA Inc
  • Kieran Connole, MDD Ltd
  • Marcelo Antunes, SQR Consulting
  • Dallas L. Thomas, Thomas Regulatory Resolutions Inc

Around the World in Nutrition, Microbiome and Health

  • Martin Warren, Quadram Institute
  • Lindsay Hall, Quadram Institute
  • Marco Baccanti, Trajan Nutrition
  • Thomas Gurry, Vestabiosciences






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