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Innovation Workshops

Below you'll find a list of companies hosting Innovation Workshops on the days surrounding Genesis. Interested in hosting your own? Click here to see the available time slots. 

Monday 7 December: 


Bispecific Discovery Where Do We Start and Where Are We Going To?
Listeners will learn about single domain VHH antibodies, their application in bispecific antibodies and considerations for discovery projects.


SLAS and One Nucleus: Turn Your Lab Automation Plans Into Action Part 4: Putting It All Together
Throughout this series, SLAS and One Nucleus have discussed the need for automation and how to define your scope to be ready to issue an RFP. We’ve discussed technology, workflows, teams and tools and we’ve discussed how to plan for and then manage the data output in an effective and efficient way. This journey to data will highlight customer case studies and lessons learned across a diverse group of automation users and will be moderated by a technology provider to give the audience a broad view of how automation can be implemented effectively in any lab.  


Tuesday 8 December: 

Deal Management for Innovators (e.g. SMEs, Start-ups, Spin-outs, and Universities)
Innovation is the process by which ideas grow up to become products.  Innovators in the biopharmaceutical and biomedical fields face a long innovation cycle, a high risk of failure, and nearly always need a development and go-to-market partner.  Therefore, innovators are at all times on a trajectory to a deal, whether it is fund-raising, licensing, acquiring, or selling.  Underpinning all this are various forms of intellectual property (IP).  In fact, for innovators it is the IP that carries the majority of the value of their growing assets.  In this workshop, using reference case studies, we will highlight the key stages in value creation for innovators, how to build commercial IP portfolios capable of supporting innovator businesses and deals, and demonstrate how sound IP valuation and deal structuring can be used to optimise transactions.


How Much Data Should Be Included in a Patent Application? Lessons Learned From Regeneron Pharmaceuticals V. Kymab
Researchers are under pressure to publish and this needs to be carefully balanced against the timing of filling a robust patent application. This balance is especially important in the current climate, where research groups have had to limit their research activities due to COVID-19. Biotech specialist patent attorney and Appleyard Lees partner Barbara Fleck will discuss strategies for preparing patent applications and also consider lessons learned from a recent UK Supreme Court decision.


The Challenges to Deliver a Vaccine 
Flanders is known as a vaccine development and production hub. In this innovation workshop, we will zoom in on how the different players such as pharmaceutical and logistics companies to government actors and research institutes play their part in the vaccine ecosystem in Flanders. How do they drive innovation and which lesson can we draw from this ecosystem?

The session will be hosted by Dr. Jan Wauters, Science and Technology at Flanders Investment & Trade. Dr Wauters will host a panel discussion with captains of industry. The discussion will focus on the current challenges of getting a vaccines delivered during a pandemic, from producing, to shipping challenges and getting it to patients.


What, Where and When – Creating the R&D Space for the Future
The availability of first class research facilities is a key factor in any region’s ability to grow its Life Sciences economy. The high cost of developing such space often deters developers from building speculatively, yet the demand has perhaps never been stronger with record breaking levels of investment being attracted by the sector in recent years. Some of the challenges remain constant in terms of planning processes, cost and aligning the plans with future demand some years later. The Covid-19 pandemic has also shone a bright light on a more diverse sector ranging across biomedical R&D, medical technology research and manufacturing needs as stakeholders seek to increase future resilience. This panel will discuss what types of R&D space, in which locations and on what timelines the developers and planning authorities should consider.

Wednesday 9 December: 

Japan as a New Investment Target for Life Science Innovation
Following the recent EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) between Japan and the UK, Japan is attracting more interest among international investors, especially for what concerns life-science innovation ventures. LINK-J (Life Science Innovation Network Japan), one of the most active Japanese life-science ecosystems partnering with One Nucleus, invites four leading Japanese startups to pitch their technologies at the Innovation Workshop.




Preclinical & Early Phase Clinical Development: It's Not Simply a Box Ticking Exercise


Loose Lips Sink IP Ships - What Not to Say at Genesis to Protect Your Intellectual Property
Genesis is a great place to talk to investors and potential commercial partners about your ideas and inventions but if you disclose too much too soon it could be a disaster. Patent Attorneys, Guy Brain and Kapil Tuladhar from J A Kemp will give you the expert view on what you should and shouldn’t say and do.


Friday 11 December: 

Attracting Digital Skills to Life Sciences 
The increasing use of big data, AI and Machine Learning in Life Sciences R&D whilst creating huge opportunities for ever more precision and evidence-based treatments also brings with it the challenge of recruiting the appropriate levels of expertise to the sector to harness this exciting potential. There are many factors that influence anyone’s career choices and this session will discuss what Life Sciences can do in order to compete with other sectors in securing the digital skills supply it requires.

Monday 14 December: 

Brexit and Beyond: Recruiting Overseas Talent
This session will help employers navigate a shifting immigration landscape by providing an overview of the EU Settlement Scheme and the new points based system.

Speaker: Meghan Vozila

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