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08.30: Registration 

09.00: Welcome from One Nucleus 

09.10: Winners and Losers 2021 – Keynote presentation

Mike Ward, Clarivate 

09.30: How Will Pharma Deals Evolve in 2022?

A panel discussion to review the key trends in pharma and biotech deals and how they may evolve in the year ahead. 

Chair: Eleanor Malone, Informa


Khatereh Ahmadi, MSD
David Mead, Isogenica
Chris Williams, Autolus

10.30: Coffee Break

11.00: Sustainable Biotech – Keynote Presentation

To highlight what the biotech industry can contribute to a global sustainability agenda. 

11.20: Preparing for the Next Healthcare Crisis

A panel to discuss what is in the funding, public health and R&D pipeline for the many healthcare challenges yet to be addressed. 

Chair: Flic Gabbay, tranScrip

12.20: Lunch 

13.20: Driving Real World Patient Centricity

A panel to discuss ideas on how to improve patient centricity with better patient engagement and technology support. 


Mark Avery, EAHSN
Phillippa Brown, AstraZeneca
tbc, Catalent

14.10: Towards a Genomics Driven Healthcare System

A panel to discuss the rapidly advancing genomics technology field and its increasing application in surveillance, diagnostics and precision medicine delivery.

Chair: Adrian Ibrahim, Sanger Institute, Wellcome Genome Campus


Joanne Hackett, IQVIA  

 15.00: Coffee break

 15.30: Transformative Biotech – Keynote Presentation

A leap into the future biotech industry, how it will look and its role in society.

Pamela Spence, EY

 15.50: Innovation Drivers – Learning from Outside Our Bubble

Chair: Mike Ward, Clarivate


Kirstie Speck, Abcam

If innovation is a key driver of our industry, why not getting inspired by others? This panel discussion will bring innovation expertise from various sectors to bring a fresh perspective on how we innovate.

 16.50: Closing remarks

 17.00: Drinks Reception

 18.00: End









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