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Leveraging the benefits of pre event recording this series of on demand content will feature discussions on ‘Biotechnologies for Global Challenges’. These sessions will highlight biotechnology solutions from around the world on how to address the increasing challenges of sustainability and healthcare for all.

The sessions will cover the following topics: 

  • Sustainable Fashion – leveraging the power of nature to produce tomorrow's textile

         Sophie Vaud, Colorifix

         Yudi Ding, Hide Biotech     

  • Diversifying Genomics – the positive impact of collecting and leveraging more diverse genomics data

         Sumit Jamuar, Global Gene Corp

         Santiago Miriuka, MultiplAI Health

  • Embracing the microbiome revolution - a review of holistic benefits of microbiome understanding and links with therapeutics development

         Louise Jopling, EAHSN

         Anthony Finbow, Eagle Genomics

         Helene Savignac, ADM

         Michel de Baar, MSD

  • Delivering Sustainable Biotech - an investor and companies perspective on bioindustrials

          Hollie Vile, Optimum Communication

          Josko Bobanovic, Sofinnova Partners

          Andreas Schmideder, AMSilk

          Benjamina Bollag, Higher Steaks

          Thomas Grotkaer, Novo Holding

          Thomas Laurent, Micropep


  • Biotech Rising Stars – a series of pitch presentations from the next generation of biotech companies and their solutions to global challenges 

         StemBond Technologies, Andrew Hodgson

         Neobe Therapeutics, Pedro Correa de Sampaio

         Cresallis, Zahra Jawad

         Carocell Bio, Mike Davies

         Invizius, Richard Boyd

         Exevir, Fiona du Monceau

         Semarion, Jeroen Verheyen

         Leucid Bio, Marc Davies


Watch the Genesis 2020 ‘Around the World sessions. 








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