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Deals, Treatments and Patients in the 20s

Building on the evolution of the past 19 years, Genesis 2020 will assemble senior executives and decision-makers from across the Life Science, Technology and Investment field to present, discuss and demonstrate their collective insight and thought leadership for the sector, themselves and their stakeholders.

In recent years, the structure of the industry, development of technologies and evolving role of patients have been transformational for the sector. Wider diversity in industry players involved, more convergence with the digital world and technology, the increasing strategic role played by data, better understanding of disease biology, to name a few are transforming the way our industry is funded, organised, valued and ultimately its outcome adopted.

For its 20th anniversary, Genesis will review key industry deals to provide insights on future years strategies and value chain development; will cover the tremendous progresses in ‘advanced therapeutics’ and the value they can bring to patients and the society as a whole as well as discussing the evolving role of patients at the centre of R&D.

2020 has taught us that even the best crystal ball can be wrong! Here is not an intention to predict how the next 20 years of the industry will look like but to understand it now to be as prepared as we can be for what is coming. 

Digital Programme

09:00: Welcome from One Nucleus

09.10: Winners and Losers 2020
Mike Ward, Global Head of Thought Leadership at DRG

09.30: Nerida Scott, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation EMEA 

09.50: Bill Enright, CEO Vaccitech 

10.10: BioNewsRound Award Final

11.00: Coffee Break
Networking / On demand content

11.30: Keynote Session – Communicating the Value of Life Sciences to all Stakeholders

Led by Sabah Meddings, Sunday Times

11.30: Parallel Sessions

  • Understanding Deals - I/O deal explained
  • Developing Treatments - Diagnostics, Data, Drugs - creating the right Genomics Ecosystem
  • Delivering with Patients - Precision Medicine's Promise 

12.30: Lunch
Networking / On demand content

13.00: The Lunch Discussion
An engaging panel debate on the post Covid-19 biotech industry

14.00: Coffee Break
Networking / On demand content

14.30: Keynote Session – How are Pharma Deals Evolving?

14.30: Parallel Sessions

  • Understanding Deals - Biotech Rising Stars
  • Developing Treatments - Hope, Hype and Reality of AI in drug Discovery
  • Delivering with Patients - The Modern Era of Clinical Trial 

15.30: Coffee Break
Networking / On demand content

16.00: Keynote Session – Converging Science and Technology  
Led by John Sterling, Genetic Engineering News

16.00: Parallel Sessions

  • Understanding Deals - Biofinance Briefing
  • Developing Treatments - Innovations to Fight AMR
  • Delivering with Patients - Digital Health Delivery in Action

17.00: Coffee Break
Networking / On demand content

17.30 Plenary Closing Debate – Towards 2040
Led by Lisa Urquhart, Vantage

A lively panel discussion on the many factors that will shape our industry in the next 20 years including the science and technology of course but also society topics like diversity and geo-politics context.

18.30 Closing Remarks and BioNewsRound Award winner announcement

18.40 Networking


With more content available on-demand including:

  • Fireside Chats
  • Around the world in … A stream to review the hot spots in hot therapeutic areas
  • East of England Showcase
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Biotech Rising Stars


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