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Welcome to Genesis 2014

9 December QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, London


Genesis 2014: Gathering the right evidence for the right outcome

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘EVIDENCE’ as ‘the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid’.  There is much written and spoken about the need for evidence in the development and adoption of innovative healthcare products, whether medicines, devices or diagnostics.  Reaching the goal of a successfully launched and profitable product that saves or improves the live of patients can be a long and arduous road where sufficient evidence is required to convince a plethora of audiences of the merits of your product. That plethora includes R&D partners, investors, clinicians, patients and payers, all with their own particular set of concerns. The Genesis 2014 Programme will explore the evidence challenge at different stages of the development and commercialisation process from three main foci:

  • Business Development – Attracting and negotiating the right partnership and investment deals 
  • i-Evidence – Interrogating Big Data resources to ensure robust decisions 
  • Technology Development – Deploying scientific advances to enable innovative healthcare solutions

The Opening Plenary Session will feature Key Opinion Leaders on health economics, industry commercial intelligence, funding biomedical innovation and how to build a convincing evidence base

The breakout Leadership Sessions will fall into three streams as follows:

  • Case Study Deals – selected by our Programme Partner, Scrip Intelligence, the deals will flow across early stage, clinical development and market & reimbursement issues within deals
  • Interrogating Big Data– from genomics, biometrics and analytics, the sessions in this stream will explore how the management and interrogation of the resultant enormous data sets can be managed and quality controlled to ensure robust and relevant knowledge is created that informs R&D and healthcare decisions
  • Technology Development – Technical progress in areas such as imaging, material science and mobile health has the potential to transform how new medicines are developed, delivered and deployed. The sessions in this stream will look at emerging technologies and how they are being leveraged

The Scrip – One Nucleus Plenary Debate will draw the tentacles of the above sessions back together for a debate entitled: “Who benefits most from Value Based Pricing: Patients, Payers, Companies or Investors?”

Other highlights of Genesis 2014 will include the International Exhibition, 1-2-1 Partnering, Lunch Time Keynote Session, Welcome Reception and the 2014 BioNewsRound Award


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