Conference Programme

Maximising Returns from Life Science Innovation

4 December 2024

Maximising Returns from Life Science Innovation


Whether addressing global heath challenges, sustainability, economics or inclusion & equality there has perhaps never been such collective drive and desire to ensure all stakeholders can participate in, and derive benefit from, scientific and business innovation.

The 2024 Keynote Programme at Genesis will explore how innovation in life science R&D, technology, dealmaking and leadership are leading to patient benefit and value creation for all stakeholders.



Welcome from One Nucleus

Jon Green, One Nucleus

Keynote Presentation

Leading life science figurehead on the UK’s aspirations to be a ‘Science Superpower’

Panel: Mansion or Maisonette?  

After the UK Chancellor’s Mansion House reform package and variety of technology commercialisation support packages all aimed at driving the UK to be a ’science superpower’ this panel will discuss the current position and whether the UK has the correct vision.

Coffee Break

Keynote Address: Winner & Losers 2024

Mike Ward, Clarivate

Panel: What Happens After the Deal is Signed?

Discussions about the art of dealmaking normally focus on the partner search, the courtship dance, negotiation, due diligence and finally the deal getting signed. Yet in many ways, that is just the start. How should the dealmaking parties interact post-deal to maximise the value creation going forward? 

Fireside Chat: A Patient’s Perspective of the Life Science Industry

Collectively and as individuals, the attraction of working in the Life Sciences industry is grounded in the desire to further knowledge and translation of innovation into products and services that improve patients’ lives. How does our industry look from the patient’s perspective?


Panel: Why My Technology Would Appear Cheap at Twice the Price?

Valuation is one of the most debated elements of any deal or transaction. This panel will discuss
(i) how the innovator should create and defend their proposed valuation

(ii) how the investor or buyer assesses the innovator’s homework

(iii) how do you know when to sign or walk away?

Panel: Watch This Space?

With the pace of change increasing, sector commentators will discuss what they are most looking forward to writing about in the coming year.

Panel: What Breakthroughs Excite Me About 2025?

What have been the most significant industry breakthroughs in 2024 that this panel of expert commentators are excited to be writing about in the years ahead? 

Coffee Break

Keynote Address

Panel: Biology and Technology – Where Do You Fit and Who Does it Matter To?

With the explosion new terminology to describe the science of living things, such as Biotech, TechBio, Deep Biotech, Agri-Tech and HealthTech this panel will discuss where companies find their sense of identity when developing their value proposition.

Introducing the Audience Vote

A conference is about sharing knowledge and debating how to progress. With that in mind the audience will be asked to vote on a key question facing the industry after participating in the day’s discussion.

Panel: Inside the Mind of a Life Science Investor

How much of investment decision-making is an art and how much is science? This panel of investment leaders will discuss their approach to selecting the right deals.

Closing Remarks & Audience Vote

Tony Jones, One Nucleus

Drinks Reception


Programme is subject to change