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'Maximising Returns from Life Science Innovation'

Whether addressing global health challenges, sustainability, economics, or inclusion & equality, there has perhaps never been such collective drive and desire to ensure all stakeholders can participate in, and derive benefit from, scientific and business innovation.

The 2023 Keynote Programme at Genesis will explore how innovation in Life Sciences is leading to inclusive stakeholder rewards.

Thursday 7 December 2023 - Keynote Programme

08.30 Registration
09.00 Welcome from One Nucleus
  Jon Green, One Nucleus
 09.10 Keynote Address: Winners & Losers 2023
  Mike Ward, Clarivate
 09.30 Panel: Bio-Finance Briefing
  What do the investment and dealmaking trends observed through the past year tell us about what to expect in the year ahead? 
10.30 Coffee Break
11.00 Panel: Buy, Borrow or Grow-Your-Own?
  As the R&D pipeline and business develops in an increasingly multi-disciplinary sector new competences are required to progress. What drives the board’s strategic decisions for growth?  
11.40 Why We Should Win This Award! 

5-minute presentations from the six finalists of the 2023 Genesis BioNewsRound

12.30 Lunch
13.40 So, What Do You Think?

Two leaders from the sector chatting one-to-one about a key question in the sector.  A chance for each delegate to be a fly on the wall of a conversation they would like to see play out. 

 14.00 Replicating the Real World When Developing New Medicines and Technologies to Improve Outcomes
  A model is just a model when it comes to testing a hypothesis. As technology enables greater use of real-world evidence at the in vitro, in vivo or clinical stages, how can we increase the predictability in translational research? 
14.40 This House Believes...tbc

A chance for two presenters to present the pros vs the cons of an industry question followed by an audience vote

15.00 Coffee Break
15.30 Panel: Making Better Patient Outcomes Affordable

Healthcare systems are finding increasing costs to care for their citizens rising at a rate perceived to be unsustainable rate. Whether through increased productivity, cost reductions, new payment models or other, how can innovation be afforded?

16.10 Panel: The Anatomy of a Great Dealmaker

The Life Sciences sector, and one may argue life in general, is full of strategy, compromise, negotiation. What are the key personal attributes required to be a great dealmaker?

16.50 Closing Remarks
17.00 Drinks Reception
18.00 Close